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Cognilytica is a research, advisory, and education firm focused on advanced big data analytics, cognitive technologies, and evolving areas of artificial Intelligence and machine learning. Cognilytica tracks tens of thousands of technology vendors, dives deep into the buying and implementation behavior of thousands of enterprise and public sector organizations, and keeps a pulse on what’s really happening in the emerging technology landscape. Cognilytica clients include public sector agencies, enterprises of all sizes, technology vendors, services providers, and consultancies. 

Cognilytica analysts have decades of experience in emerging technologies, big data analytics, and cognitive technologies. Through regular, deep engagement with technology buyers, suppliers, and practitioners, Cognilytica analysts find out first hand how end users are really buying, adopting, and implementing cognitive technology and data focused projects. In doing so, we provide market intelligence, guidance, and education on best practices methodology for putting emerging technologies into practice.

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Cognilytica focuses on real-world adoption of emerging technology and cutting-edge advanced big data analytics and cognitive technologies. We produce market-level industry leading research on application, use cases, and comparative research on the state of technology adoption in the industry. Cognilytica tracks over 20,000 vendors to keep our subscribers up to date on the ever changing and quickly evolving markets.

Figuring out how to determine the best solution for your particular needs can be difficult with all the vendor hype, evolving best practices, constant emergence of new vendors ,and consolidation of the markets. As a core part of our market intelligence, Cognilytica provides key decision factors and guided questions technology implementers and buyers should ask to achieve optimal success.

Cognilytica analysts have decades of experience in the advanced big data analytics, cognitive technologies, AI, machine learning, entrepreneurship, and IT markets. We cut through the hype around AI and focus on adoption. Cognilytica analysts produce the very popular AI Today podcast, which is now a top 3 AI related podcast, where we regularly talk to AI leaders, luminaries, and influencers in the space to help keep a pulse on the market. Cognilytica analysts also regularly write for Forbes and TechTarget on areas related to AI, ML, DL, data, and data science. Cognilytica runs a variety of technology-focused communities including AI in Government and Data for AI. Additionally, Cognilytica analysts are regularly called upon by press and media to provide key, unique insights and are invited to speak at a variety of industry conferences, webinars, and podcasts.

Organizations need to adopt data and AI centric best practices methodology when running AI projects to make sure they have the data, information, and team needed to successfully move forward with their project. Cognilytica produces the Cognitive Project Management for AI (CPMAI) methodology as a vendor-neutral, industry best-practice for cognitive technology and advanced big data analytics project management. Our analysts are experts in CPMAI Methodology that have certified many individuals at organizations and government agencies in the CPMAI methodology.

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