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Document ID: CGBN150| Last Updated: Aug. 2, 2018

The advancement of deep learning and other approaches to machine learning has made possible leaps in advancement for understanding and processing speech and natural language. The result is that a wide range of applications that can unlock the power of spoken conversation and written word are now possible. Founded in 2015, is focused on unlocking the hidden dimensions that govern voice conversations in the enterprise, and specifically to enable enterprises to increase quota attainment and shorten ramp times for sales people by improving their business conversations. does this by recording, storing, analyzing, and enhancing phone calls and meetings through the use of powerful AI-enabled technology. considers voice conversations as an untapped, fundamental enterprise data asset that can provide significant value to the organization by learning how top performers sell and why deals are won and lost. The company cites statistics that roughly only 5% of information on customer facing calls ever make it into a company’s CRM systems, so there is no true visibility into what is happening. Through the company’s primary offering, the Conversation Cloud, the solution securely captures, stores and analyzes an organization’s calls and meetings. By integrating with conference call solutions and online meeting tools, the solution listens in real-time to conversations and summarizes the most important, relevant, and primary information gleaned from the conversations.

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