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Document ID: CGQT156 | Last Updated: Nov. 5, 2018

AI and ML have helped advance areas of Natural Language Processing (NLP), Natural Language Generation (NLG), speech and voice analytics, chatbots, conversational interfaces, and a wide range of applications that can now unlock the power of unstructured information and content in ways not possible before. Founded out of the MIT Media Lab in 2010, Luminoso is focused on providing AI-enabled technology for natural language understanding of corporate unstructured text data, providing a “common sense” AI text analytics and classification platform. The company is primarily focusing their solution on helping enterprises understand the “Voice of the Customer” and “Voice of the Employee” by optimizing customer service and support workflow. The company’s QuickLearn technology analyzes text based on thousands, instead of millions, of documents in just minutes, and supports at least fourteen languages.

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