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Document ID: CGBN158 | Last Updated: Nov. 4, 2019

While much of the attention up until now has been focused on the development of machine learning models, as the industry moves from innovators and early adopters to the early majority, new customers will be more concerned about consuming third party models and building on top of existing best practices rather than building their own from scratch. This means that these companies will be most concerned with the quality and reliability of existing models more so than building a data science organization and investing in tools and technology and people to build their own models. As opposed to the portion of the puzzle focused on machine learning development and model building, AI & Machine Learning Operations, or ML Ops, is focused on the consumption-centric aspects of machine learning model usage and deployment.

Booz Allen Hamilton, a technology and management consulting and engineering firm, has teamed with an impressive list of AI software companies such as NVIDIA, HyperGiant, and Orbital Insight to announce the release of Modzy, designed to help organizations and agencies rapidly deploy, manage and secure AI models. Modzy provides functionality for organizations to rapidly scale their ML models across the enterprise by offering a combination of a growing ‘marketplace’ of software defined models, combined with an AI platform accessible through an API that provides model management, operationalization support, governance, and adversarial defense security.

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