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Document ID: CGQT143 | Last Updated: June 1, 2018

The quality of Machine Learning and data science projects is heavily dependent on the quality of the data. As such, organizations need to cleanse, enrich, and otherwise modify data so that it can be properly ingested in ML systems.

Paxata’s Adaptive Information Platform is a visual interface for business analysts and domain experts to clean, visualize, semantically enrich, and otherwise prepare data for consumption and use in various systems for a wide range of data-intensive use cases. Paxata’s platform provides an interactive, analyst-centric data prep experience powered by a unified set of technologies designed from the ground up for comprehensive data integration, data quality, semantic enrichment, collaboration and governance. The company’s platform is built on Apache Spark and optimized to run in Hadoop environments. The solution is available as a service, and can be deployed in AWS virtual private clouds or in on-premise Hadoop environments.

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