AI Today Podcast #019: Cognilytica’s AI Positioning Matrix (CAPM)

To solve the needs of customers trying to evaluate the constantly changing landscape of AI solutions, we’re introducing the Cognilytica AI Positioning Matrix (CAPM)™. The goals of the CAPM matrix are two-fold: identify for each particular application of AI, what the “sweet spot” of required complexity for AI solutions are and how broadly applicable to …

AI Today Podcast #019: Cognilytica’s AI Positioning Matrix (CAPM) Read More »

Cognilytica’s AI Positioning Matrix (CAPM)

“It’s not the position, but the disposition.” — Susan Sontag, Author Why is a Positioning Matrix Needed? The market for artificial intelligence (AI) products and services continues to expand at a dramatic pace. Every day there’s a new development or announcement of a new AI product, service offering, technology, and application of AI. How can …

Cognilytica’s AI Positioning Matrix (CAPM) Read More »

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