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White Paper: Content Intelligence Use Cases

ABBYY Whitepaper #2_ Top Use Cases for Content Intelligence_FINAL

Companies of a wide range of sizes and industries are increasingly gaining value from content intelligence. The use cases for content intelligence are broad and span many industries with content intelligence increasingly being leveraged across a range of automation platforms including robotic process automation (RPA) or business process management (BPM). Companies that apply content intelligence to RPA solutions are making their “digital worker” smarter and even more efficient. No longer are processes delayed by requiring human workers in the loop of tasks and processes. By having smarter systems take the place of a human worker to read documents, extract and input information into systems, make determinations such as if a contract is compliant, process documentation as part of an onboarding process, or initiate an electronic signature as part of a transaction, companies are seeing significant gains.

For companies looking to get started on their content intelligence journey, we’ll highlight various use cases below to show examples of how content intelligence is applied in real world applications.  Use cases outlined include Finance & Accounting, Banking, Legal, Transportation and Logistics, Property and Casualty (insurance), and Government.

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